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The Captains Web Pty Ltd is a Registered Australian Company (1999)
ABN 08 082 956 063
trading as
SmallPond Web Hosting RBN: 7279371
Web Site Marketing RBN: 18235244

Specialising in:

  • Budget Hosting - Websites and Email
  • Low Cost Domain Registration
  • Marketing for small/medium businesses
  • Functional Websites tailored to your requirements

Web Site Marketing and SmallPond Hosting have successfully built over 1000 private & commercial websites that perform well in a practical sense, ranking well on the Search Engines.


No Credit Card information on Servers or Offices
No records of Passwords for individual email accounts or other logins
When a password is lost, a machine generated password reset is sent.
Client personal details are not divulged unless required by a Court Order


We would be pleased to answer your questions

No Work Requests/SEO or Programming offers please.